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    Rise 5.100 r3

    forelo makrelo
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    Client Monsoon 2.0

    comments full of monkeys... pls read. its not cracked, you cant use the client.
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    Client Pandaware 0.4.3 |Runnable

    stop replying to this, its old. also so i already said why it crashes in my previous comment, you just have to remove the killswitch from the code
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    Client Pandaware 0.4.3 |Runnable

    btw for anyone wondering, there is a killswitch in the main class that checks a pastebin upload XD
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    Source Hanabi 3.1 Source Code NO ERRORS IDEA READY

    goofy ahh code 💀
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    Mallory Client Full Deobf (Ruhe paste) (Mega.nz)

    i dont think its on github but the source is pretty much public
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    Mallory Client Full Deobf (Ruhe paste) (Mega.nz)

    omfg lol. it is actually a full rename... the guy didnt even refactor the main class smh. to clarify: ruhe was a private client i made together with felix1337 and a few other people like over a year ago. it was never meant to be public and the only thing that was skidded in it was lemons gui...
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    bug with (?) GL

    its probably GL_BLEND being enabled somewhere it shouldnt be
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    Source Rise Client (Source)

    rise so good, no skid, top tier java code
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    Rise 5.89 FILES OBFUSCATED (leak)

    bruv rise src got leaked by a dev, dont bother using this
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    Source DayZay Source (Skidded FDP/LiquidBounce Rename)

    why would some rename fdp client lmfao edit: bruh i didnt even notice the thread was 4 months old
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    i need a client base

    make your own base bruh its not hard