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Application Looking for developers for LiquidBounce Nextgen


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Feb 2, 2024
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Hey guys! I am 1zuna, the lead developer of LiquidBounce and LiquidLauncher. We are currently looking for developers of all kinds, especially people who can maintain bypasses and features for LiquidBounce Nextgen.

The list of requested features and reported bugs is growing faster than I can work on it, while also maintaining the YouTube channel, Twitter, LiquidBounce Forum, Guilded and Telegram, as well as working on private projects that we might release in the future. If you are talented with Kotlin and know how to tackle anti-cheats and work with the Minecraft base, then please join us in moving LiquidBounce Nextgen forward! If you don't know where to start, have a look at the GitHub Issues

We also need web developers, as our UI is completely based on web technology, we need people who can take our concepts from our designer and turn them into reality. You may have seen our forum post, where we published our concepts, but if you take a look at our client, it is barely finished.

Currently our UI is implemented using the Svelte language, but we are moving to using React with this pull request.

However, neither I nor SenkJu know how to work with React. SenkJu has been doing our Svelte implementation so far, while I have been implementing some off-concept features like the container menu (which you can tell by how ugly it looks).

By submitting multiple pull requests and becoming part of the LiquidBounce development, you get access to our developer discord where we discuss how to proceed with the development of our projects.

If you are not a developer, you can still help us by submitting ideas to our GitHub or simply uploading configs for servers to the LiquidCloud repository!